Male breast reductions up

Breast reduction surgery is on the increase for men

A leading UK plastic surgeon says more and more men are having breast reduction surgery.

Gynaecomastia, commonly known as man boobs or 'moobs' for short, is a condition that causes the male chest area to develop like a female breast.

It can be caused by hormonal problems in the body - having more of the female hormone oestrogen than normal and by being very overweight.

Raj Ragoowansi, a consultant plastic surgeon at St Bartholomew's Hospital in east London, says he's seen a big increase in the number of men with the condition asking for surgery in the last three months.

He added: "This becomes a particular embarrassment for that person and they either become reclusive or shy.
"It also affects their confidence and their self esteem and they tend to adjust their social lives and fashion accordingly."

Recent figures from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons show that last year the number of men having the operations went up by more than a quarter compared to 2006

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