Laser lipolysis for man boobs

Thirty minute laser treatment under local anaesthetic is the new quick alternative to man boob liposuction
Laser lipolysis

The latest treatment for 'Man Boobs' is Laser lipolysis - an in-clinic alternative to surgical liposuction

It is performed under a local anaesthetic and can take between 30 minutes and two hours.

A small cut is made at either side of each breast and a a surgical tube with a blunt needle on the end is inserted to vacuum out fat. At the same time, a laser destroys the fat cells and tightens the skin.

The proceedure is bnest suited to men who keep fit but have stubborn pockets of fat around the chest. It is also very effective for removing fat pockets around the chin or waist.

Patients have to wear a surgical body stocking for a week and may experience some pain on the day of treatment. It is suggested taking at least one day off work or to have the operation on a Friday, giving you the whole weekedn to recuperate. Patients should not exercise for ten days after the proceedure.

Patients usually feel some uncomfortable 'tugging' during the proceedure and they can experience some yellow bruising and swelling but generally that will subside within a week.

The results are very noticeable reduction in 'man boobs' and usually they are permanent. The cost is around £2000 in the UK.